Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Trying not to get defensive...

I met a guy in the club and we exchanged numbers and it was cool and cute and one time over the phone, he comments that I talk like a white person. I don't just sound like them in the way I enunciate, but the phrases I use... they're kinda alien to him (not his phrase, me just paraphrasing) and they way he chose to describe them is... white. Now, my initial internal reaction is indignation — MUTHAFUCKA CALLS MY WAY OF TALKING WHITE JUST COS I USE THE WORD "MASTURBATE" INSTEAD OF "JACKING OFF"??? (and uhh... yeah... that may have been where the conversation was going). It's not the he kept saying it over and over in a surprised ton — it's that he laughed at me. Anger turned to embarrassment turned to frustration and soon, I didn't wanna be flirtatious with this guy who I don't even remember what he looks like.

Then I thought, well... I can kinda maybe see where he's coming from. If his exposure to brown people talking always sounded a certain way and white people always sounding like another, then I might fit into his category of white people speak. I speak this way probably because I read lots growing up, probably because it's been ingrained in me to love clear enunciation and think the posh English accent is pre cool, probably because when Samoan was colonised and the English language was introduced to our shores, the English language was a mark of intelligence and higher social and economic class and those were usually white ppl or afakasi... usually. Probably that classist view of a fobby accent vs. non is still so strong. 

I don't know man.

I really bothered me and it still does and there have been SO many think pieces on this kinda topic.

But I don't wanna just get defensive or point out how his point of view can be seen as racist or something. 

Eh ka'ilo ia se. 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Always Becoming

I haven't been feeling myself  lately.

I've stopped doing the things that used to bring me deep satisfaction (mainly writing).

I hardly see my friends who always inject life in me.

I don't spend enough time with my family, online or irl.

I laugh less, and I stress more.

I've grown more and more dgaf about what people think, but to an extent that I'm not sure is... good...

I don't know. I feel off. Different. Older and more tired.

It doesn't feel like me.

Except, it is me. There are times when I become something I don't like, but it's always me, only me. I'm always becoming me; constantly changing in some ways, stubbornly fixed in others.

But I haven't lost me. I've been here all along...

So I just need to make alterations here and there, and tailor myself into a me I'd much rather be...

Just. Ha. Like it's that easy...

Monday, 24 April 2017

On Love

Love is exhausting. It requires generosity and patience at times when it's the last thing you want to give. It's draining trying to empathise when you just wanna slap someone. It's frustrating when it someone seems to put themselves in situations that will hurt them when you keep telling them time and time again they shouldn't.

It's hard work, and that may be why we only give it, in its greater capacities, to only a few. Romantic partners, parents, children, siblings, close friends... and not necessarily in that order.

But we mustn't forget to leave ourselves off that list.

I mustn't.

I get frustrated with myself a lot. For not living up to my expectations, or that of my parents. I get annoyed when I don't write well, or look good, or have a boyfriend. I can point out a thousand things I do wrong and wonder how anyone could ever care for me. 

It's exhausting caring for myself. Being kind to myself when I fuck up. Being honest with myself and identifying things that need improving. Reminding myself that my romantic relationship status doesn't equate to my worth, and forgiving myself for still needing that reminder despite being told time and time again.

I'm lucky that even when I forget to love myself, to be patient with my shortcomings, or remind myself that even though I feel ugly, I'm still so capable of living a full life, I have people to remind me.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Coming Home

Mum wakes us up to say she's leaving for work. Plants kisses on our cheeks, my sister and I. I smile weakly, roll over and fall back asleep. It's warm in the room. My sister's bedroom had ginormous windows and the sun is pouring in.

There are so many dishes. Never ending dishes. But mum and dad have an actual dishwasher now. So fancy. But still, so many dishes.

My sister made cookies. I forget she's not eight years old. She's growing and I'm not here to be a part of it. Well, I'm glad I'm here now.

There's a television with Sky and Netflix.

There's also laughter. So much laughter. Laughter on laughter. No one makes me laugh the way my siblings do.

The rice is boiling and we'll probs have falai pisupo for dinner.

It feels so soothing to be home.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

I've failed, but am not a failure...

Today I feel like a failure. I've committed to too many things, thus each thing is not given as much attention as I deserved. And one of those things is suffering, and I've let someone important down.

I've fucked up and I feel like shit.

This is failure.

It's not an all encompassing failure and it's one I know I'll recover from. In the Grand-Scheme-Of-Things this failure at this point in time isn't a pivotal moment in my life that'll send me into a downward spiral.

I hope.

But still, this failure isn't... good. It's failure because there was a thing/things I should've done... and didn't. 

"Empowering" youtube videos tell me that we should look at failure as opportunities for growth, to see it as a good thing, nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.

Which I can see. Failure shouldn't be something to be afraid of. Being wrong must be something we can face up to. It's uncomfortable but it's something we just have to sit with, when it arrives.

I'm trying self-compassion. I'm telling myself that I've fucked up, this is why, and here's how to be better next time. But also that's there next time, it's not the end of the world, and here's how to move on.

I'm sad and stressed and tired today.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Weird Pressure To Be Inspirational

I find it so uncomfortable when people tell me they're inspired by me, or my writing, or my achievements. It's already weird hearing it from people my age and younger but exponentially weirder when it's from people older than me, with experiences and wisdom than I do.

This doesn't happen daily (ew gerrara hea with your L-list status, L for le kaulia).

But in the last few months or so, it seems that because I've inspired people... I have to keep up with it...?

I don't want to let people down; people who've seen... idk, hope? In me.

I feel like I have to keep remembering all the unheard voices who I suppose I speak on behalf of when I'm the only Samoan in the room, or Samoan woman, or young Samoan woman.

I'm scared that I'll do something that people will consider useless and unimportant and not representative of us all (who is "us"? "LOL").

One of the scariest things about writing at the moment, is feeling the need to write everyone's voice, include everyone's perspective. That writing in my own selfish voice, about myself and my own opinions, is just feeding into a world of people yelling on top of each other and not listening to other people's opinions.

I don't mean to yell at all.

I just want to write.

I want to listen to people who agree and disagree with me, and those who are undecided.

But ultimately, the only voice I can ever be sure of representing correctly is my own.

If sooner or later, I become irrelevant or uninspirational, will I continue to write?

I hope so.

Because writing for others was never my primary cause. I always wrote to think through my own confusion. To find my courage to voice things I was ashamed of: about myself and the world I live in. Writing was a very inward thing. But it did (it does?) resonate with people. So does this version of selfishness actually help others?

I'm still trying to find my balance of writing for myself and writing for others... and I want to use this blog more often as part of that figuring out journey.

Two blogs in one day? Yeah. I feel an adrenaline rn. Not even gonna edit #yolo

Why So Serious

I've been so stressed out lately about writing a new blog post. I've been giving my the usual verbal self-flagellation: You should've written a new post to welcome in the new year, why haven't you posted anything this month, just cos you've been paid for writing (only twice) doesn't mean you should neglect your blog you sellout.

It goes on and on and on.

 I've drafted several incomplete blog posts that I think aren't that interesting. And when I do think it's interesting, I wonder if it's something I should develop into something that I could be paid for.

Is it lame that I want money so much?

Or just normal, to want to be paid for my labour?

Se ka'ilo.

All I know is, I miss the careful nonsensical word vomiting that I loved with blogging. I miss being able to spill my guts without worrying about formatting, or flow, or thinking about my "readership" (oka), or any of those things that people consider when they transition into being a.... real? writer....

But I want to come to my roots of selfish cathartic writing.

Because I'm struggling with every other type of writing right now.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Back 2 Basics

It's approaching that time of the year in which people start thinking up new year's resolutions that they may not be that serious about keeping. 

It's also approaching that time of the year in which people roll their eyes at the concept of New Years and say it's a useless arbitrary measure of time that doesn't make a difference in people's lives, and we should we working to make ourselves better all year round.

Other people are just planning what New Year's party they'd like to pass out at.

I want to use this part of the year to reflect (what a novel idea! How uniquely introspective of me!).

How far have I come since this time last year?

In what ways have I regressed?

How I have grown?

What are some regrets?


What do I want?

What do I want from 2017? And what sacrifices am I willing to make to get it?

What do I want?

What do I honestly want,

For right now, in a year's time, further than that?

What work must I put in, for what I want,

what I really want?

Monday, 31 October 2016

Constantly Playing Dress-Up

I'm 22 now and I don't feel like an adult. 

I'm the sixth of seven kids and I've always looked up to my older siblings as examples of how to be a person. They're who I got my taste in music in, who I shared my geeky and fobby upbringing with, and they often filled parenting shoes in taking care of and (for which I'm utterly grateful for). I've always felt like a child next to them, from when I was a child, up until right now. 

I told my sister that I didn't feel like an adult and looked at me and said, "Why??... But you are...".

But I am.

She stated it with such certainty.

I kept thinking it over and over again until I really felt that yeah, I am an adult.

I work, [struggle to] pay bills, make myself do necessarily unpleasant task (university assignments haha), and am planning for life after uni.

After always living as the almost-youngest child, I'm so used to waiting for instruction of what to do, how to behave, where to go, and especially where not to go.

But now... the ball is really in my court...

I'm no longer bound to anything but my own mind. My decisions are for me to contemplate over, make, then  stand by.

Which was a thought that used to terrify me. I was still so used to doing what was expected of me that when that authority lessened... I didn't know how much of old expectations to keep and which ones to walk away from.

I now realise that that's what adulthood is... sifting through all I've learnt and deciding what lessons were valuable and what don't fit anymore. I've learnt that I should do what I want. I think (at a very simplified version) there are two wants: what I want right now in each given situation and what I ultimately want.

I'm in the process of figuring what I ultimately want and whether my daily wants align with that. 

Whenever I put on mascara and lipstick, I still feel like I'm playing dress-up, that I'm still pretending to be an adult. But when I do something I truly believe in even though it scares me shitless, I feel like I'm growing into my adulthood a little bit more...

I still feel like a child when I'm with my family though... hahaha

Thursday, 27 October 2016


On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
- Fight Club
I sometimes think about what would happen if I died crossing the road, or eating something accidentally poisonous, or if something heavy fell on my head (like when??? but WHO KNOWS), or if an earthquake will destroy my rickety as flat with me in it. 

Who knows when death is coming for me, for any of us.

I plan my life like I'll die of old age peacefully in my sleep, without considering the tragic alternative of dying young.

It's not like I'm keen to meet my fate now - my suicidal days of 2012 haven't really resurfaced (with any real force) so don't worry about that.

I just wonder sometimes if the traumatising affect of death lies partially in our weird lowkey denial of it until it hits. People throw around (and maybe not completely seriously) the "inspirational" line, "live today as if it's your last". But how would we live like it's our last?

Would we send messages to friends we've lost touch with. Will we apologise for deeply shameful acts (that people may not even know about). Will we finally confess love or hate to people we've been too afraid to? Would we write funeral requests?

Mmmm funerals... such a financial and stressful thing to organise when rational planning is probably the last thing one wants to do when grieving. Coffins and headstones man... the funeral bidness must be banging!

Would my loved ones allow me to be buried as almost naked as possible so I can be a part of the circle of life instead of being in a cushiony box that I won't be able to appreciate? If I asked my friends to, will they include the shitty/dark parts of me in their eulogy, so I'm not made out to be greater than I really am? Being dead isn't gonna change who I was when I was alive... and that sentence sounds so stupidly simple haha. 

Are funerals about the grieving people's need for closure more than about the deceased? If so, I guess none of my funeral requests matter. 

Death is a weird thing. I don't know how to come to terms with it. I don't really believe in an afterlife or heaven or whatever. Neither do I absolutely reject the possibility of it. I'm just not convinced. 

Death is the inevitable for all of us and we honestly cannot pin point when each of our time is. People who I bring up this topic to often tell me not to think/talk about this cos it's so morbid. But isn't it only morbid because we haven't come to terms the inevitability of it. Because we haven't learnt to live with death?

Or is life and death so fundamentally differently that we really can't come to terms with it until we're dead........?

Hahaha i don't know man.